The Video Player For Online Payments


You simply use this Flash player, which you embed on your site as you would any Flash widget. It will allow your viewers a limited amount of free daily viewing time which you decide, then once their free bandwidth has been used they are paused.

At this point the system opens a new page where they can choose a payment option, 1 day access, 7 days access, 90 days access, or 365 days access.

They pay the price indicated (which you decide) and can then go back and simply press play to continue watching where they left off.

You can set the currency, the price points, and the amount of free daily time you want them to have.

We have done extensive trials and found 45 minutes free viewing per day works best on Doc-Film-Net since most of the films are about 60 minutes, so it works well to cut viewers off and ask for payment only once they are truly hooked on the film!

The reason for this method is simple, when we put content behind a pay wall, all our trials showed that people simply would not pay as they did not miss what they never had. However, when we incorperated this system the conversation of sales increased by about 90%.

It is made clear in advance to viewers (on the player itself) that there is limited free viewing and paid access gives unrestricted access.

What this application does is manage all the technical hurdles of taking payments in the most elegant mannor, making it possible for you to maximise profits from your content by using the most compelling conversion tool in the market today.