Charge viewers during watching video, only once they are hooked!

Video publishers, profit from your content instead of giving it away for free!

With our system, your viewers are given free access to your content for a limited period of time per day, after-which they are paused and required to pay for unrestricted access.

That way you can limit how much free daily video they watch, giving consumers a chance to get hooked on your content before you ask for payment!

Our System increases sales by 90% over pay-per-view where content is hidden behind a pay wall!

Make Money From Content!

Charging for online video content is a difficult technical challenge. Pay-per-view solutions simply don't work! We solve these problems by allowing video distributors to charge for their content only when consumners are hooked on the content first, thus maximizing returns for publishers.

Features Include:

  • Overlay Advertising Incorporated
  • Smart Content Management System
  • Earn 100% from your payments
  • Pays directly into you own Paypal account
  • Fully Adjustable limits
  • Easy to set up

Start Earning Cash Now